Toilet museum

There is a museum in India which showcases different toilets in the world. It consists of the evolution of toilets over centuries. It has collection of toilets across the world.

Idli recipe

Idli is a steamed food generally made from rice and is considered as one of the healthiest diet for anyone. Idli is famous across India and people just love the

Major rivers in India

Rivers are responsible of evolution of human civilization. There are many rivers running through the length and breadth of the country. Very few people know about the major rivers in

How to improve creativity

Are you thinking that your creativity in your professional work is getting reduced ? It happens with people because of stress and anxiety in life. The post talks about the

Time spent in valcano

The post consists of video of Arnold who is a cartoon. It talks about the consequences that happens when you spend a nanosecond in a volcano. Its a comedy video