Stage of age 14

We look around the teenagers around us. Out of which some have reached a new heights in life and some have thrown their life in miserable situation. So the question arises on when is the stage at which the brain of the teenagers starts maturing.

Age 14 is considered as the first stage of human brains where an individual brain is able to think and distinguish between past, present and future. The brain starts analysing the surrounding as well as starts interpreting relative to oneself. There are 2 ways in which the mind grabs information from the surrounding by relative testing. Relative testing means that the triggering the participation in the different event of life and absorbing the information from the outcome. In the first way, the brain absorbs the information and stores the data as it is and second way the brain creates an interpretation and compares the outcome and the result is then stored in brain for future reference.

Nourishment at the age of 14 by 2 ways

  1. Self- awareness

The 2 important questions that a teenager should ask at this stage

  1. What

What defines the type of information which is getting questioned and compartmentalized in the brain. Eg. Studying a chapter in History. So the question should be asked to oneself “What is the chapter in history going to teach me?”

  • How

How triggers the curiosity in the definition of the above questions. These questions helps to mine the data of a subject. Eg. “How the chapter in History going to teach me?”

  • Influencer

Influencer of age 14

Parents/ teachers/ guardians are the primary influencer at this stage.  Even the people in the social surrounding can become an important influencer.

Method of influencing

The role of the influencer is to nourish the thinking of the teenager at the stage. Enough space to think about a subject (not always school subjects) but every aspect of life. There are broad categories of influence- subjective and objective

Subjective influencing means educating the teenager with brief description of the subject. The information flow should not be biased on the individual perspective. Subjective knowledge should be detailed.

Objective influencing means practical applicability. The outcome of the objective should be explained to the teenager. The explanation at this stage should be based on the result. One think must be ensured that there is no biased thought of the influencer.

If this stage of the child is handled by care then definitely there can be no tenager left who will ruin their rest of their life.


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