Why you should know about feedback

People take feedback in a wrong way and always interpret it as an oppose statement. But do you know the value of the feedback. In order to succeed in business, one must listen to the feedback- Positive as well as negative feedback of the customers. In this way, one can improve business and services of one’s business.

Why you should know about feedback


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6 thoughts on “Why you should know about feedback

  1. I think (business perspective) feedback is very important because this is how you can improve your business and also this can be a sort of evaluating how the business is going. As they said, “there’s always a room for improvement”.

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  2. Even harsh criticism contains a kernel of truth, and usually that is the kernel that feel like a rock in your shoe. Learn the message the rock is telling you: There is some part of your life that is being overlooked and needs correction.

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