Signs of being mature

What is maturity ? Does maturity grows over time ? Is there any age for maturity ? How does it create ? All the questions is answered. The post talks about the signs in which one has matured in his thoughts. You might have not realized by reading the post that you have grown maturity in oneself.

Signs of being mature


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  1. Maturity is the capability to handle responsibilities. I would refer to a person as ‘matured enough’ emotionally speaking if he/she can decide on his/her own taking the consequences of his/her actions as a consideration. A person is ‘matured enough’ if he/she can control his/her emotions or actions. (e.g. thinking before speaking). On physical terms, a person is matured enough if he/she has has reached the full growth of his/her body which can take effect depending on hormonal change. Social maturity is when someone has learnt to choose the right friends that he/she can keep for a lifetime. Lastly, spiritual maturity is when someone has find his/her path to live a life not according to his will but according to the Almighty, setting aside the material things and fulfilling his/her purpose on earth.

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  2. Very good posting. Most people don’t equate maturity with how you treat others, but rather, how many material things you have and responsibilities. You can be the CEO of a corporation or the mother of a large family, but treat people inconsiderately and selfishly.


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