What can be learned from children

Children are considered to be most innocent living being in humankind because they are pure to the heart. We see children around but have we wondered that we can also learn from them many things which we have forgotten.

Here are the following things we can learn from them

  1. Don’t take life too seriously.
  2. Laugh, laugh and laugh.
  3. Enjoy what you do.
  4. Be happy.
  5. Learn everything around you.
  6. They live in the present moment.
  7. They cry and forget.
  8. They don’t procrastinate.

Running in the busy life, I would recommend to spend some valuable time with children. One thing for sure, you will enjoy that moment.


My name is Sisir Ghosh. You can add your comment on the post. You can also email me at sisir9788@hotmail.com



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