What life lessons I learned from cartoon

Do you recall our favorite cartoons that we used to watch and enjoy our times. Hours and hours we used to watch those cartoons. But have you wondered that these cartoons has hidden messages that we can learn and implement in our life. The post talks about the life lessons that we can follow in our life.

What I learned from cartoons


My name is Sisir Ghosh. You can add your comment on the post. You can also visit my website for more posts- SisirGhosh.com



  1. As a cartoonist and writer, I often think about what message I’m conveying. I don’t want to lead someone astray in any way. And then, after fussing, I realize that I cannot control what perceptions people bring with them to my artwork and just try to do the best I can to entertain or add some good value to this world.

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