Story of Great Depression 1929

Great Depression seemed to be the turning point of industrial revolution in USA. The economy collapsed in the span of 10 years of depression and people suffered loss in money and assets. The posts talks about the background of the depression and explains the entire beginning and end of the difficult era.

Story of Great Depression


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2 thoughts on “Story of Great Depression 1929

  1. Great post! My grandfather told me so many stories from that time. He was a policeman in a medium sized town in central Illinois, USA and often told of all the heartache and suffering he had witnessed. He told of going down any street in the city, it didn’t matter which one, the scene was replicated over and over again, and every street had several families’ belongings sitting out there with a tarp over it because they had been evicted with no where to go. He told of having to patrol the city park, and hundreds of families where camped out there sleeping on the ground, having become homeless, most without a tent. He told of how this scene was repeated in every city here in the country. How people were desperate for just basic necessities, of how thousands of families awakened every morning, not knowing if they would be able to feed their children at all that day, and to have to awaken every day to that same crisis.After the police department downsized and he had lost his job, He told of going to Detroit because he and a group of guys had heard of a job position that had come available, and when they arrived, they were able by pooling their resources to get a single room with a twin bed in it and had to take shifts for the bed. He related of standing in line for that one job as an inspector for an auto plant…. the line stretched for literally blocks, all lined up for the chance for that 1 job. It certainly was a very bad time, and I know it impacted the entire world. I hope we never have to see the likes of it! Happy 2018!

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