Strategy to handle communications with customers while making cold calls

Listening to calls made by my sales team is one of the task for self-development and also train my team accordingly. “Change is constant” and improvement over time will help to motivate, remain positive and the energy to add value to customers.

Cold calling process is one of the important part of sales development and communicating with the people for the first time and making an impression about the company products is one of the challenge for the sales executives. I will discuss today, some techniques of handling customers who are harsh to the salespeople on the first call.

  • Listen: The first step to build the bridge is to listen to the opposite person on the phone. Allow him to speak whatever he wants to remove from his minds.
  • Don’t sell: Avoid the mind-set of selling products as he will resist of listening.
  • Find out the pain points: While listening to the conversation, group his sentence into points of problems.
  • Provide solution to pain: Don’t offer products but provide solutions to his problem.
  • Don’t react to his negative words: At any point of time, if one reacts to the negative points, then the opposite person is lost which will affect the brand value.
  • Thank him for the conversation: Be grateful for the time he shared for the conversation. Thank him for the inputs he shared over the phone.
  • Send an email: Ask him to whether an email should be send to him about the service of the company.

In the stressed corporate world, one cannot expect that all point of contact to listen and respond to the offerings of the customers. Follow the above steps and you will end up with positive impact on the opposite person mind.

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