How to Pursue Your Dream while on work


We are living in a society where people are earning to live. Following this way of living leads to physical and psychological. In this fast moving world, we tend to forget that we are living beings and not machines to perform multiple tasks in life. 

Dreams creates hope and happiness in one’s life. It is always better to dream and live. Here are few tips to pursue your dream.

  1. Allocate specific time to think and work about your dream.
  2. Write the hurdles in pursuing your dream.
  3. Find solution to the hurdles.
  4. Learn something new about your dream.
  5. Smile at your dream.
  6. Read about people who had similar dreams.
  7. Share your thoughts on the dream.

A dream is a seed and you have to nourish it to grow and bring happiness to you. Don’t stop yourself from the difficulties.

My name is Sisir Ghosh and I would like to know about your feedback on the post. You can also email me at




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