Who You Are ?

Beaten down by your boss ?

No hike in salary ?

Colleagues ignoring you ?

Stuck in the company politics ?

Your manager making you count every minute ?

Seemed to be messed in your corporate life. This is a very critical situation for a person. It is important to manage your professional life balance because it takes more than 60% of your day’s time. People become depressed and tend to loose happiness in the personal life.

Just remember that- “You just have not come to work in this world.

If you failing in one thing than there is a scope of improvement.

No one can decide one’s potential. 

No- one is born computer.

There are other people who value me.”

These words can help you come out of mental trauma in your workplace and live a satisfactory life.

My name is Sisir Ghosh. You inputs on my above posts is highly appreciable. You can also email me at sisir9788@hotmail.com




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