When you go through the etymology of meditation the meaning is “to think, contemplate, devise, and ponder” of your inner feelings. The difficulty is not to meditate but how to meditate. When you ask people who have tried meditation the main if not first aspect they’ll point out will be lack of focus. The monkey brain as we call it will not let your brain be still but let you focus on your thoughts. We as humans anyways do not focus how we act or react in our daily lives and meditation will help us do it. Meditation is not some eternal cure but it will give you the focus to see your thoughts from a distance and help you see a clear picture of you as a person and the thoughts as a different entity. Like all other activities, practice along with consistency is the main goal here. You can try it first thing in the morning or at point during the day for any period of time or before going to bed. It’s been tested several times about the various positive impacts it has on your mental, emotional as well as on physical attributes; a peaceful mind leads a healthy body.

Enhances emotional health

It’s the most an activity can be helpful for an individual. We all carry a certain degree of emotional baggage with us unconsciously. Meditation will help you to identify what these hindrances are: stress, anxiety, depression, negative thoughts, and other issues you may be dealing with. Meditation is not a cure but it will help you to understand where all the complexes are coming from. And more times than not knowing what is happening to you or why are you behaving in a certain manner will help you more than running after finding a cure.

Stops the monkey brain

The monkey brain is that voice which always says that you are not good enough or whatever that you’re doing is not worth the effort. Sometimes it makes the situation worse than it already is. We might not recognize but this voice can overpower our intellectualism and we might think up things which were not there in the first place. Meditation helps you to see through things and helps you to acknowledge that something is going wrong with our thinking process and with dedication you can be the master of your monkey brain because it’s you who should have the power over your mind and not the other way around.

Helps in curing degenerative dieses

In this consumerist and information age, loads of information goes through our peripheral view but seldom any healthy or useful information stays in our conscious minds. Everyone seems to gobble the content but does not give a damn to think over it. Meditation helps you to filter all the information and gives you the conscious and space to think over things. It helps to improve peoples’ ability to perform memory tasks and can also be related in curing age-related memory loss. Meditation can at least partially improve memory in patients with dementia. It can also help control stress and improve coping in those caring for family members with dementia.

Helps you and your brain to be one

Most times than we would like to acknowledge, we can see that what we do is quite different from what our minds are processing at any given time. We might find ourselves in a flustered position not knowing or being confident about how we should lead our lives. Sometimes information clusters form in our brain and meditation can help a lot to untangle these knots. Only when you are one with your thinking then you can think straight and lead a meaningful life and not feel drowned or overwhelmed by you shortcomings.

Meditation is not difficult to master, what is difficult is to take the initiative and start the process. Start small and go a



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