What is the true value of life?

Good question, isn’t it? Is it money, fame, health, mediocrity, family, position. The only hiccup one could get in the previous sentence, would be, I am guessing; mediocrity. Don’t get me wrong, but a lot, I mean a lot of people tend to get through, living a mediocre life. But then who am I or anyone to define what mediocrity is? We are no one to judge but you are someone and you are your own individual self and you should have the courage to ask yourself that question, whether am I fully satisfied to where I am headed in life, can I make it more meaningful, does it need something extra, because a lot of people tend to hold on to regrets their entire life and also it goes away with them. Nobody will really care of what you achieved or what regrets you have, but it’s you who will suffer if you don’t acknowledge them. And wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could add value to your life and not the live through the perceptions of others.

I know it’s easier said than done but guess what, you only have one chance of living it…

To do what you believe in

People should always walk the talk; morally, spiritually and aesthetically, it means you should be exploration about yourself, try to find out who you are, and then live life on those beliefs; irrespective of what people would think about you. These beliefs could change over time, because you also wouldn’t be the same person but more often than not people tend to get caught in the inconsistent waves of daily life and they forget – miss out, about how they want to lead their lives. And when they realise this, sometimes it’s too late. Practicing everyday about how to live your life is the best gift you can present yourself with.

 To attain goals and aspirations

These don’t have to reap you monetary benefits but they can if you want them to. Living life is a continuous process and living a meaningful and valuable life means it is a deliberate continuum. Everyone knows that just making goals or writing those down wouldn’t be any good – they are important, but taking action on completing your goals and targets will help you become more satisfied. Always keeping a check on where you are and where you want to head in life should be a good motivator.

To be fearless in your endeavors

We do not recognize but at any point in our lives will find something that we are afraid of: meeting new people, going for the job we think is impossible to get, to learn a new sport. But we should also look at the other end of the spectrum – what will we lose if we go out and fight and try to achieve what we want to? I can guarantee you, all off the times that you ask yourself that question the answer will be – “you will lose nothing”. So the only thing you have to do is to quite the mild yet provocative voice in your mind and go out and do what you ought to do.

To not wait for something to happen to you

We sometimes wait for stuff to happen to us. We always think that it is not the right time to get this work done or start a certain activity. But it’s never going to be the right time anyways. Something or the other will be happening to you but if you don’t go after what you want it’s never going to happen to you, so why not start now. People can advise and motivate you but at the end of the day it’s all your individual self. You can give number of excuses but you are just missing out on time that is valuable and precious and which is never going to come back or wait for you to hold on. Be courageous and go for it.


My name is Sisir Ghosh. You can add your comment on the post. You can visit  my website SisirGhosh.com for more posts.



  1. I was curious what mediocrity would come to in a numeric value. When I saw the result, I remembered that number belonged to a word that is involved with whether or not you believe your life is mediocre – perception! Thought you might appreciate this. Enjoyed your post.

    mediocrity in Simple Gematria equals: 121
    perception in Simple Gematria equals: 121

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  2. I enjoyed reading ! It is a very nice and interesting blog!

    For me life itself is the value! A beautiful opportunity to experience the creation. The purpose of life is to live. Just live …

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