It’s not big of a secret that success is spelled differently by different people, figuratively. Someone would like success to be measured by the amount of wealth they have gathered, the fame they have achieved, someone wold like success to be like the way they wanted to live their lives- on their own terms, others would like to settle with the bare minimum. The main point being we shouldn’t measure our success according to others terms but what we want and how we want lead our life. Sometimes we get carried away about what is expected from us by other people or their expectations from us. So, therefore, success is quintessential for everyone but according to their own definition. It also happens that by running in the rat race we end up being miserable and no success at our hands. Such life is not a good life lived but one filled with regrets.

Certain triggers can help us achieve our goals –

Seeing the bigger picture

It is important to be vigilant in our day- to-day lives in achieving our goals, trying not to digress what we have set out for ourselves but it is way more important to be a visionary in one’s life and try to see the bigger picture of what we want to achieve in the future that will help us live a fulfilling life. Keeping a journal and writing down daily insights will help you see what your greater dreams are for yourself and not only living through doing the daily chores.

How you want to lead your life

Success is not a destination rather a path towards a well lived life. One must ask themselves the question of how they want to go through their entire lives, keep a check on what they like or don’t like, are they ready to change themselves when they have to? Maybe these questions may sound a bit cliché but deep inside everybody longs for the answers to these questions. Answering these questions might help you towards the path of reaching your success story.

Working on your strengths and weaknesses

Firstly, it’s important to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then on horning your strong areas and working effectively towards developing your weaknesses. Constant rectification is required in these areas from time to time.  It’s sometimes easy to become complacent towards one’s strength and give a side eye to one’s weaknesses but the true litmus test of anyone’s character is to live through these hardships every day and be satisfied at the end of the day with one’s achievements or failures as both are inevitable.

Trying to find your ultimate self

Success is a mind-set. How you think, act, fall, revive are all part of the game of life. It’s important to find a purpose in life, because when you’re not invested in the REASON you’re working, there’s little to shield you from inevitable distractions and demotivation. A lack of it can hold you back. It’s also very important to know that you WANT SUCCESS IN LIFE and how badly do you want it. A lot of times people are very ambitious when they first start out but when they hit the first hurdle they start thinking that their ambitions are too good to be true or that they are not worth it or that other people can achieve what they want but not us. So in the quest of finding oneself it’s also important not to lose yourself.




At the end of the day you have to go for it, full throttle. In this journey, when you have a clear vision of what you want, and complete confidence that you can achieve it, the mental obstacles are easier to dissolve. When you give yourself the confidence boost, you are owning your personal power and freedom of choice and chance. It’s not a question of whether you have confidence or not, because, let’s face it, everyone has a spark within them. The real deal is to bring it out and let it rule.



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