Work has different meaning for different people. Some find their purpose doing their job, some do it to pay their bills and others do it because that’s what they’ve been taught, that work/job has to be done period – go according to the societal norms. It’s interesting how people’s perception change when they first start doing their job and, when they’ve spent half their adult life doing the same functional work they once thought was their true calling.

Now, I think people can’t have one true calling or that they have to stick doing one type of work their entire life. There are exceptions like serial entrepreneurs but they too dive into diverse portfolios keeping the primary work at the centre of their lives but exploring various paths and being successful at them as well.

I would like to keep myself away from the idea that everyone should find work that they love or fall in love with the work they do. No, if you fall in love with your work, that means there are chances that you’ll get emotionally attached to it and stop yourself from seeing the bigger picture. Falling in love with your work means you’re putting all the extra efforts but you can’t see the result of it because it doesn’t talk back to you like a human would, so that’s where we should draw the line.

We have to look at work as a different entity, be analytical, try to solve the problems and more importantly try to find purpose in what we set out to do.


We come into the workforce with a certain set of skills and liking towards a certain kind of work, and then there are tasks in the workplace that needs our expertise or skills. Sometimes we might like the task, other times we don’t. But we have streamline our path, do mistakes and try to bridge the gap from where we start till where we want to see ourselves.


We may not always like from where we start, we might have longed of doing something but ended up doing something totally opposite of it. It’s important to recognize where one stands and start experimenting, leaning some new skills required for the job, changing your mind set and moving towards the goal one wants to achieve. Not being saddened or let down by the current scenario but being positive about the future is the key here.


It is possible that you are already working at your job for a particular period of time, first it was fine, you were getting the regular pay checks, paying off debt maybe, sorting your bills but after all those have settled down there’s the urge to find something more meaningful and time worthy. One should give themselves the room to think through this stuff. Try some other gigs out, taking some online courses. Maybe this is not the correct time to leave your job but keep trying to build a career or a different career entirely according to your liking.


Most of the time we are in an auto pilot mode, wherein we seem to do work but don’t know how efficient we are, like going with the flow but not knowing where we want to go. This is one of the biggest hindrances one faces which needs to be properly dealt with. Knowing a bit more about yourself helps you to seek what you really wish to achieve. There are people who are totally happy and satisfied in what they are doing but it’s also okay if you’ve not reached that level yet. If you are not satisfied with your job try and find how you can improve the experience.  If you’re totally sure about changing your job, try and explore other opportunities. The main thing is to focus and understand what is it that you want out of your life and what meaning and purpose your life should behold.




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