Triggers of happiness

How much ever is said about motivation always seems to be less, like our mind is a black hole wherein you gather  tons and tons of information about motivation, but no one seems to understand what happens to them after that and what is the end of it !

The only way forward is to turn the information into action, not only to read and feel energized for that split second but to put the information into practice and have the courage to see the improvement for yourself.

So, little triggers are required to get the drive for improvement started;


A lot of harm can be caused by setting up vague goals. Goals need to be precise because only then there’s more room to achieve them. Overestimation of goals will only lead to more dissatisfaction and not reaching one’s target at all. Trying to do too much at once will be overwhelming and you would have the urgency to quit before even getting really started. You should focus on achieving minuscule targets every day and that would help you to achieve the bigger goal you have in your mind.


Everyone wants to improve and be better from what they currently are, whether it’s trying to be good at the job, learning a new skill or trying to lose weight. But to take a step forward one must introspect about their own current life. Where they stand in, where do they want to go in life, what are incentives waiting for them at the other end, etc. Being self-aware does not mean being too obsessive about one own self but it helps one become a better person because you can’t reach a destination if you don’t know what the real destination is.


Our society makes us believe that questions should only be asked by children or by an interviewer in the interview room, rest can get by. But asking “why” to your own self is one of the biggest motivator’s one can use, to be the person they want to become. Repeatedly asking yourself, why do have this feeling, why is this happening to me, what is the real reason for my emotional reactiveness.



Incentives can be monetary or non-monetary depending on the person. Knowing what would be the end result will motivate the person to put in more effort and go the extra mile to achieve the said incentive. This can also be called as reverse engineering in motivation wherein you have a clear picture about what you will get at the end so that you can start working accordingly.



It is rightly said that you are the average of the 5 people around you. People sharing the same vision, thought process would also motivate you to put your best foot forward. It’s not about that you want something from them but just being around them helps you to see a clear picture about you and what you want to achieve in the future. A good example would be to find a mentor from whom you can learn and gather skills and expertise that would be helpful.  You can learn how they carry out their life, learn from your own mistakes and then trying to improve yourself subsequently.




At the end of the day motivation can only do you so good of making yourself ready for the task at hand, but to put the work into action determination and will power is required. You can have all the information at your disposal but if the correct efforts are not carried out the motivation would be of no use. Our human brain will get used to the new found motivation triggers and it will make us believe that it is okay to be complacent and we’ll end up in the same vicious cycle. So determination and consistency should go hand in hand.



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