Art of accepting mistakes leading to self-development

In my experience of working with different team members there were many achievements and successes. My above statement would incomplete if I say that there was no hurdles, failures and difficulties.

John is the marketing manager who is working with one of the client. John allocates the project to the respected department and then all the team members started working for the projects. The production of the project was complete and as usual the QC department processes the further data for final output which is handled by Jack. Jack missed QC of one of the section of the project and forwarded the data to the client delivery.

John realised the error and requested the client for delay in the delivery. John communicated the mistake to all the team members of the project and everyone realised the mistake of Jack but none commented on error. Meeting was called with all team members and everyone was asked about the project. The situation started getting worse when Jack started the blame game on other team members. John didn’t want the demotivation running within the team members and intimated that the mistakes is not repeated.

The situation was handled properly. The next project came from John and the mistake was again repeated. This time John brought Jack in his cabin and made him understand his mistake, but in vain. The trust was affected between the team and Jack. After few days, Jack resigned from the company.

I have also observed that the success of the team depends on the way the team accepts and handles the failure which is the main ingredient for self and team development. Many times people find resistance in accepting their mistakes and leave the space of self-development untouched. This creates a vacuum within oneself and with the team members which gets showcased in the next project.

Points to remember when we are hesitating in accepting the mistake

1) We are human beings and we are bound to make mistakes. People will not think that we are aliens.

2) Embarrassment by accepting a far better than losing interest from team members.

3) By accepting the truth will make your manager understand that you are owning your responsibility and your credibility will not be lost completely.


I define accepting mistakes as an art because it requires a lot of courage and motivation to accept and give direction for the self-development. That are certain points to remember that can help you learn this art

1) Talk to your manager about the mistake and ask about how he would have done the same task effectively.

2) talk to your team members and give them priority to direct you then you are initializing the mistake.

3) Be open in accepting more projects as learning and taking more responsibility.

4) Discuss your problems again and again with different members and try to get feedback about how the mistake could have been avoided.

5) Personally write down on a piece of paper about how I could have done better.


Humans are the social animal and avoid being embarrassed in front of group of people, but accepting one’s mistake will open up the scope of self-development which would lead to business success and at the end of the day you would say to yourself that you have added value by doing it right on by doing a lot of mistakes.


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