Why is it important to be happy with yourself

One of the well-known identities of today who has followers of more than 5 billion across the globe; and the followers are continuously increasing. This identity makes friends independent of caste, race, money, religion, education, age, region and country. Once you become his friend you will become crazy about him. He can be with you 24*7. He is   present in many countries at the same time. You call him anytime from anywhere; he will be available the next moment. This identity has complete faith in you and believes that you will remember him. If I ask you about this him, you will not be able to define his identity. I know that you are curious to know the name of the identity.

The name of the identity is “stress”. Stress has become so intense that studies are being conducted across the globe to understand its friendship with the people. According to a survey conducted on 16000 professionals across the globe, stress is the driving force for de- motivation in their life. Stress is the single largest source of problems for the people followed by tension, anxiety and health issues.

When I look people around myself, I can see people who are complaining about their unhappiness everywhere. Employees are stressed about their growth and increment in the salaries, housewives are unhappy because of limited budget, students are unhappy because of examinations and burden of assignments, government is unhappy of the opposition, employers are unhappy with the growth numbers and the unhappy list goes on.

Piled up with the entire all the daily routine activities; living in society and working for livelihood has created burden of stress to the people. The outcome of stress would be health and psychological problems.

There is another friend named as happiness that has over 6 billion fan followers across the globe, but his fan following are getting reducing slowly. He wants to connect with more people but finding it difficult to the people because they are so much engaged with Stress. People are getting so busy in their lives that people are forgetting this friend. His presence brings positive energy and harmony to oneself and also people around them.

People are forgetting their gift of life. I have not found any formula which states that stress is the driving force for success. So people should remember the following points before taking any stress in day to day life

Every day at the beginning we should remember that

When I get up in the morning, I should be happy because there are people in this world who do not have proper place to stay nor electricity.

While travelling to office I should be happy for myself because there are people who travel from one corner to another corner of the city to reach the office through various mediums of transport. They crush themselves in the crowd travelling in the public mode of transport.

After reaching office I should be happy with myself because there are accidents occurring every day where people lost their life because of accidents while travelling.

I should be happy working in the company because there are millions of people who don’t have job, no supporting manager or boss, people burdened with loads of work, politics in the workplace, no proper career growth and long hours of work.

I should be happy with the finance because there are people who do not money for fulfilling basic daily consumption of needs for oneself or family; there are people who do not savings for security from future uncertainty, people who have lost money from breakdown.

While reading newspaper I should be happy about our government because there are governments across the globe that has defaulted and has no funds for the people, so they impose additional tax on the people for the revenues. There government abusing people for gaining power over people.

While reaching home I should be happy with my family because there are people who are orphan and have no one care and love them, family members fighting and abusing each other, no moral support from the family members.

I should be happy living in the society because there are countries where there are fights and social tension between communities and there is damage of harmony. People are ill treated because of the race, caste and culture. Human values are ignored over societies biased mindset.

There is a saying that “One can grow when one is happy is oneself”.

A uniquely gifted person in this world has the right to live happily in this life. He has been given the power to create happiness for himself. There are billions of people around who are running behind of what you already have in your life.

Your viewpoints is highest appreciated. 

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  1. I am happy with my circumstances, even as I work to better them. I know that, were I to visit places where many are going without what we in the West regard as “essential”, I would be even more content with what I have- and would be more determined to work to help others achieve a better life for themselves. This is why, once I retire from my current work, in three years’ time, I want to devote my time to serious, intermediate or long-term projects, through Workaway or a similar agency.

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