Why is Music Important in life

In the fast moving world, we are busy in our life. We tend to drain out of energy and take stress in life. We don’t take time for ourself to relax. So what can be done to drain out stress from our life. The solution is Music. Centuries after centuries music has been a solution for entertainment as well stress reliever.

Here are the reasons why music helps:

  1. Music touches the soul of harmony.
  2. It matches the frequency of our emotions.
  3. We tend to forget our difficult state of mind in the melody of music.
  4. We remember, we forget ourselves in the frequency of music.
  5. Our mind tries to capture the tuning of the music.
  6. Our mind halts from the stress boosters in the body.
  7. Our muscles tend to relax by the music.

Here are the few benefits that helps to relax ourselves by listening to music. It is important that we spend time for ourself because if we don’t than we might loose the person named as “self”.


My name is Ssiir Ghosh. You share your experience of music and comment below. You can also email me at sisir9788@hotmail.com





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