5 Things I learned from my passion of swimming


Swimming is one of my sports that have become my passion. I enjoy it and forget myself the moment I enter in the water for swimming. There are many things that I learned from swimming.

Initially you will face many hurdles but sticking to your goal smooth-en your pathway-

In the beginning I had to practice movements of cycling which had to be continuous for a long duration of time. First 3 days it was like running on the sand, but after 3 days of hard work my body got adapted and was comfortable in doing those warm up exercises.

Initially the first generation entrepreneurs face lot of hurdles for the implementation of their dreams. Their dream to achieve the goal smooth-en the path of the success.

If you are passionate about something, it can push you to any limits-

During the initial days of swimming, the trainer used to make us warm up continuously for half an hour, even though I used to get exhausted, my passion pushed me to take an extra mile to learn swimming.

People who are passionate about what they are doing have taken the industry to the next level crossing the limits.

If you want to achieve your goals, you have to continuously push yourself towards your goal-

While swimming there were many times that I used to get tired in the mid pathway and during the critical situation of anxiety I used to push myself towards the reaching line.

An industry leader does not stop when they have achieved what they wanted but they continuously work towards sustaining the front runner in the long run.

It is you who has to reach your goals-

In order to move, I have to move forward my body adjusting towards upstream and downstream of the tides of the pool step by step.

We see many leaders who are opposed by different stakeholders but it is their self belief that takes them farther to achieve their goal.

Nothing is greater than self achievement-

When I jump in the pool, I forget about the materialistic world and completely focus my happiness working on my passion.

When a person benchmarks himself for achieving the goal and after the completion of the goal, the happiness of achievement can be greater than the difficult path of the goal.



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