Failure story of Henry Ford

The post talks about the person who brought automobile revolution in the world. It is said that when he died his net worth was $188 billion. But do you think he was successful in his entire life. Think once again. The post talks about the failure story of Henry Ford that motivated him to gain extra milestone in life.

Failure story of Henry Ford


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  1. Follow any great industrialist, far enough back, and you’ll find a miserly curmudgeon has cast the budding mind to a scrapheap. That the cast-off found a way to greatness is a confirmation of the value of free enterprise. This is true from Lincoln to Steven Jobs.

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  2. The prophets, seers and entrepreneurs are rarely the problem, they see the solution clearly and provide it. They are huge human beings who probably don’t even see the money as their profit.
    The issue is all the followers and would-be controllers who miss his point.
    Ford provided a family car where there were none, one colour take it or leave it.
    Now the money men market millions of unique cars on unique selling points, faster than anyone is allowed to drive, myriad colours and a few to spare.
    Ford knew when to start and stop,they don’t, they’re cooking his golden goose 🙂

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