25 Losses – But never gave up

The post talks about the learning from the life of Muhammad Ali. Motivational highlights have been showcased in the post. It will teach on how losses has not affected the motivation of the boxer.



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  1. You just wrote about one of the people from my home state, you know. Louisville, Kentucky is about 75 miles from where I live and I shopped there often when I was still able to drive my car, walk and go where I wanted to go without needing help. Mohammed began life as Cassius Clay, but chose to lose his “slave” identity, a very wise choice and about time that many years after our war between the states (sometimes called Civil War, but there was nothing “civil” about it).

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    1. That’s quite impressive. Sometime we ourself become slave of our negative thoughts. That’s where people loose their respect and motivation. It is important to identify negative things in our life and make way for positive life.


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