Remember these in your life crisis

The post consists of quotes that will provide motivation to pull you out of the crisis and lead you to move ahead in life. These quotes might not solve your problem but will generate the power to fight the hurdles in life.

Remember these in your life crisis


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  1. Plenty of power in those quotes.
    I’m currently ‘resting between engagements’ as they say in the theatrical profession. Since I’m not in the theatrical profession the standard description for my condition is ‘unemployed’.
    I’ve been out of work before, and I’ve treated it as something to be endured. And terminated as quickly as possible. I’m still keen on the hunt, but when I reflect on my current place I realise that I needed to be here.
    I was working on a contract. I had – not exactly warning, but premonition that the end was approaching well in advance. But I did nothing. So the first thing I’ve learnt is that my own complacency and indifference will undermine me far more effectively than any malicious or thoughtless act committed by others. That’s a lesson I should have learnt well before now. But it’s better to be a slow learner than a non-learner.
    Had I been more aware and more agile I might well have slid easily into another job. I needed to be here, now, to learn some lessons. Because I have to learn them now. I like to imagine with every job that I can settle down for a long time; it never works out that way. After three or four years I’m restless. I’m in my late fifties and I know at least one job I applied for went to the other guy because he was half my age. So I need to learn the strategies for success. If I’d followed my normal pattern, the next time I’d want a job I’d be the other side of sixty. And just clicking over that number would have raised the bar even higher than it is today.
    Sometimes you get stuck in a place and can’t find a way out. Know that there is a way out, even if you can’t see it immediately. In the meantime, be patient. Have faith. And look around the place you’re stuck in. There may be something of great value sitting there, waiting for you to discover it.

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