Tips for Communicating in New places


We often go to new places for holidays and work and it is always a great experience to explore different places. People find it difficult to communicate with the local people because of language and cultural barrier.

Here are few tips that can help you in communicating with the local people.

  1. Learn the greetings in the language like (Hi, hello, thank you, please)- this will help to break the ice in communicating with the new people.
  2. Take photos of the location where you want to go to explain where do you travel in the city.
  3. Read blogs on travelling to different locations.
  4. Have a smiling face to people (Universal constant expression).
  5. Learn non verbal gestures to explain based on the culture of the place.

By using this tips can help you communicating with the local people. Sometimes it is better to explore the unknown.


My name is Sisir Ghosh. I would like to know any inputs regarding the posts. Your feedback is highly appreciable. You can email me at



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