Why sports should be mandatory to students during schooldays in India

I recall my schooldays and remember my Physical training session which was conducted once a week. During this session, we used to do warm up exercises and the toughest challenge was to ask our trainer to play football or cricket. After the request from every single student in the batch we were allowed to play for 20 minutes. But those 20 minutes was the best part that I remember even today.
Parents approach is same in terms of playing sports as it would add burden to the academic studies. Parents are happy to add number of private tuition’s for the children but there is always a no for coaching in any game. Non-availability of resources adds roadblocks. Sports in India are given tertiary priority to the kids below 15 years of age followed by gender bias.
By looking at the countries like USA, China and Australia, sports are given a high priority in the upbringing of the kids. Children are the seeds which need to be nourished by parents and teachers.

There are so many things that can be learned from the sports which can help the kids in the coming future. I would like to share some of the values that can be learned

1) Physical fitness- Kids in India are given the burden of books and tuition’s due to which there is no physical activity leading to health problems, obesity and restlessness. By involving in sports, one can exercise mind and body at the same time. Outdoor game increases the blood flow and makes our body proactive. Indoor games improve the brain which involves decisions.

2) Strength to face the world- Involvement in sport not only includes playing the game but it’s about winning it. It’s about knowing your competitor and also the strength of oneself. Sports give a subconscious training to move ahead in life fighting with the difficulties. Science has proved that when children who actively involved in sports seemed to be more focused about their life goals.

3) Team work- Co- ordination among team members helps to achieve the result cumulatively. Understanding the team, becoming a team player or becoming team leader, all the skills are nourished while playing sports.

4) Management of time- Completing the task in the assigned duration of time is a skill which can be developed while training and playing.

5) Communication- Sport improves the verbal as well as non verbal communication. Communication with one self/ team is required to succeed in the game. Non verbal is defined by the behavior you show in front of competition.
Hidden secrets of learning are embedded in sports which need to be explored and directed by different stakeholders of the child.
Highly appreciate your viewpoint.

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  1. Very good post Sisir…. Sports should be an inseparable part our life.. For example US, China etc win lot of gold medals in Olympic… We need to really encourage sports activities… Moreover you only mentioned academic but I think video games and tv being a source of entertainment discourage students not to take part in active sports… However a sagacious post… Keep it up

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  2. i am not competitive or particularly athletic but always did a bit of sport and i think is very important forthe youngest and the oldest.It keeps you healthy but most of all it teaches you discipline, how to play with other and ,very important how to loose

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  3. Physical education was probably my most favourite subject at school. It was compulsory in my schooling in the 60s, and I’m very pleased it was. There weren’t many overweight children, in those days. We enjoyed outdoor living and playing. Sports was a natural event most participated within.

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