Brand value vs Product value

Every company enters the domestic as well as international market in order to capture the customer base. Some companies have succeeded and are recognized by it’s brand, product or combination of both by keeping service constant. But it’s always a win- win situation for a company if they succeed to position themselves in the highly competitive market. I would like to share some of the Indian brands who have passed the difficulties of economic, global, local and international competitors and many more difficulties in the portfolio have outperformed in their industry vertical. The customers have recognized them for the value that they have proved themselves over the years.
Brand Value

  • Bisleri- This brand has made a huge impact in the packaged water industry. People recognize the drinking water by the name Bisleri. You travel to any part of India, people will ask for Bisleri and not for packaged drinking water.
  • IKYA Human Capital Solutions- One of the giants in the recruitment industry. The industry of training and recruitment are recognized by the service which it provides. It has become benchmark for all the companies in the HR business domain.
  • Godrej Almirah- This brand has positioned itself as the pioneer in the Almirah industry. It’s a niche product in the furniture industry. People recognize Almira by the name Godrej industry.

Product Value

  • Mahindra Tractors- Farmers in India recognize this brand by the features of this tractor. Years after years this brand has proved itself by its product innovation and has become pioneer in the tractor industry.
  • Raymonds Textile- This name is recognized by the product quality in the textile industry. Consumer preference has changed over the years in terms of wearable goods. This brand has always proved itself by its product quality and meeting the expectation of the customers.
  • Micromax- This Company has captured the entire low priced mobile market throwing away the competitors who were unable to understand the segment of mobile business in India. The product features has been made by the company keeping in mind all the parameters of Indian preferences for low cost mobile.

Brand & Product Value

  • Airtel- The brand is pioneer for its product and brand in the telecom industry in India. Airtel has positioned itself as the youth brand. Decades of outstanding performance in terms of capturing market by telecom services and also using the brand value to target various segment of age group in India.
  • Royal Enfield- Known as the Harley Davidson of India, this bike is the dream bike for the consumers. No other brands have been able to shake this brand from the position which it has made. I have never seen any TV commercials showcasing its brand, but every individual knows about the bike. Decades have crossed but the brand and product value is just amazing.

What I have understood that these brands have consistently moved ahead of the market expectation and create a niche in their segment for which they are enjoying the royalty of the customers.

If you want to share examples of brands who you think have achieved the value, I would really appreciate to gain knowledge from you.


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