When I see a kid begging

I was boarding a local train from my home to my office where I found a kid whose would not be more than 4 years approaching each and every passenger and begging for money. He came to me, the question raised in my mind of whether I should offer money so that he will get money to run his livelihood. Does this money would add value to life.

The idea of begging comes from their parents where the concept lies that have more kids so that they can earn more from begging and the next generation will do the same. So begging has become a professional business.

I was reading an article from a website talking about the richest beggars in the city. This beggars have earnings more than a graduate.

This remembers me about a movie named as “Slumdog Millionaire” where kids are kidnapped and their body parts are amputated in order to money from the people by sympathy.

This child at an early age has started begging finding an opportunity to earn money.

What should I do ?





  1. >What should I do…
    It’s sooo difficult,because There is a limit at the individual level.

    In Japan, “Education” has been doing for a long time ago.
    “Reading, Writing, Calculating” is the basis for living,we think.
    So, it is the basis of the survival of the State that the nation fosters the people,I think.

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