A King to remember

The post talks about King “Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV” who’s work for the society is not known to many people but his devotion to his people is highly appreciable. He became the king at the age of 11 but won the hearts of his people. Known for his governance and contribution to the education. You can consider him as the modern day king.

A king to remember


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Note: The image is taken from bitwindow.com




  1. Kings who begin their reigns in early adolescence are quite malleable. Like Pu Yi , of China, your Krishnaraja seemed to have had a heart of gold. Unlike the Last Emperor, he seemed to have had competent advisers.

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  2. Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar , like the other rulers from his family had the habit of working ahead of time . For instance , his contributions in the making of two of the greatest institutions of our nation , both BHU and IISC is enough to speak on behalf of a true statesman and ruler of hearts .

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