Archaeological mysteries of 2017

It is always curious to know about our past and archaeology helps to understand the life of our living beings. Here is a post that talks about the amazing discoveries that helped solved historic mysteries of the world. Interesting to know that we are slowly moving closer of our past.

Archaeological mysteries of 2017


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  1. Fascinating! That gem was in particular (to me)…. I have always believed that ancient civilizations were far more advanced (and not as primitive) as what is commonly assumed (and contrary to opinions of some, I don’t think that knowledge or skill came from other planets). I think we just know enough about them to truly understand what they knew and didn’t, and what they were capable of. If only the great libraries of Alexandria and Egypt hadn’t been destroyed, as a lot of knowledge of what they did know was obliterated! If we had access to that vast sum of knowledge our understanding of ancient cultures would undoubtedly reveal that they were much more advanced than what we think!


    1. It’s nice to see that you believe the importance of ancient culture. In India we had Taxilla University which seemed to be a centralized and biggest University of ancient times. The university had lakhs of Vedic books including subjects like medicine, astronomy and many more. Invaders burnt the university and destroyed all the books and scriptures and even killed hundreds of academicians. It is said that the universities had so many books that the fire had continued to fume for over months.

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