Now what to do- After you lost your last job

Fired from the job because of XYZ reasons. The question arises on what to do. Jobs are not easily available in the market based on the available skills Plus stress in life which includes home expenses, loan payment and so on. People tend to go into depression into these situation and one gets stuck in the process.

One can do the following corrective steps to move ahead and get a job

  1. Update your professional profile.
  2. Bring in keywords that is needed in your job.
  3. Update your resume.
  4. Update your profile in job sites.
  5. Contact HR consultants.
  6. Get the company names of your target industry and contact the HR.
  7. Watch videos which can help you improve your communication.
  8. Start practicing interview process and ask for feedback.
  9. Be true to yourself.
  10. Give mock interviews to companies.
  11. Do yoga in the morning.
  12. Get socialize with your friends and family.
  13. Get up in the morning and say “today is a new beginning”.

These steps can help you stay motivated in your job search and will lead to success in future.

My name is Sisir Ghosh. You can add your comments on the post. You can also email me at



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