What really teenagers need ?

Generations after generations pass by over the years. Living, thinking, eating, socializing, working and so on keeps on changing by generations. The constant thing in the world is change. But the question arises while stopping in the fast moving world on what does teenagers need. It can be anyone- your brother, sister, cousins, friends, neighbor or anyone around you. Drug consumption, depression, suicides have been increasing in our society. The question arises that if we are developing to modern society than what is moving the society backwards.

These are the following things that the teenagers need

  1. Support- They need a lot of support from other to do something in life and achieving dreams.
  2. Guidance- They need it to move in the right direction.
  3. Love- We give money and luxurious life but fail to love. They need constant love from the one’s around them.
  4. Friendliness- You have to forget that you are father, mother, uncle or any relation with him. Just be a friend with him.
  5. Emotional support- They need to be connected emotionally.
  6. Space and time to share- You have to give space to think and live their dreams.

The points shared above might not bring instant change but will add value to someone who is drowned in the ocean of competitiveness.


My name is Sisir Ghosh. I would appreciate, if you could share your inputs on the post.

You can also email me at sisir9788@hotmail.com




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