Logistics in the Exhibition Industry


Logistics refers to the efficient and effective flow of goods from warehouse to the consumer. Businesses expectation is to get the fastest, safest and cheapest delivery of goods in domestic and international location with least possibility of error. The important domain for a logistic company is transportation and freight forwarding. These companies bring enterprises together by connecting and eliminating geographical boundaries.

Exhibitions are considered to be one of the important medium to showcase products of the companies to the customers in the region. Firms across different verticals of business have understood the opportunities to have face to face communication with the prospective customers and potential future clients.  Participation in exhibition has seen growth over the years. Industry specific exhibitions are being conducted to bring companies and potential customers together on a common platform.

One of the prime factors for the success of the exhibition is the logistics because they are responsible for transportation of fabrication materials and goods for the companies in the venue.

Expectation from the logistics companies

  • Reliable freight forwarding service.
  • Just in time delivery.
  • Proper storage of goods within exhibition hall.
  • Container service for warehousing.
  • Competitive pricing.

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