Staffing industry

Staffing industry

India consists of 356 million population in the age of 10- 24 years. According to the Economic Survey, India would consists of 64 percent of working age population between 20- 35 age group by 2021. This young population is the driving force for growth in the economy.  Staffing has become an important part for companies which accounts Rs. 26,650 Crore. There will be an additional need of skilled workforce required by 24 different sectors by 2022. Experts believe that Indian staffing market is going to be the largest in the world in the coming years. Flexi staffing accounts 75% followed by 12% permanent recruitments and other services 13%. More and more companies are now approaching HR consulting and talent acquisition firms to fulfil the ever growing demand of human capital.

Expectation from the staffing companies

  • Right talent for the position
  • Meet the changing needs
  • Availability of candidate at the right time
  • Willingness to offer suggestion
  • Optimum cost for services
  • Professional and consistent



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