Exhibition Industry in India

Exhibitions are considered to be one of the important medium to showcase products of the companies to the customers in the region. There are 700 annual trade shows conducted in India. The Indian event industry is projected to be Rs. 96,000 Cr. It generates revenues for the tourism industry as well. It adds business opportunity to the event organisers and stall designers. Since 2000 there has been a significant growth to the event industry. New Delhi leads the race in the number of exhibitions conducted across different sector of business followed by Mumbai. Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad are the emerging destinations for exhibitions from the recent past. There are 14 mega purpose built exhibitions centres with an indoor space of 205,185 sq. New Delhi and Mumbai represent 70% of the exhibition capacity.

Challenges and Opportunities

  • The exhibition centre is unorganised and so there is an opportunity of growth in the sector.
  • The companies are not aware of the opportunity of branding in the exhibition and trade shows.
  • Exhibitors and event organizers are unable to connect to the right blend of customers for business.
  • Small and medium businesses are unaware of the industry event conducted in the calendar year.


Exhibition and trade fairs are important for company branding. An industry success will be determined by the number of events conducted showcasing to the public.


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