Travel And Tourism In Pakistan

About Pakistan

  • Pakistan is one of the country in South Asia with a population exceeding over 190 million people.
  • It is considered as one of the populous country in the world.
  • Arabia Sea is the coastline followed by Gulf of Oman in the south bordered by India in the east and Afghanistan in the west.
  • Pakistan ranks 36th largest country in terms of land space.
  • Karachi is the largest and the populous city of Pakistan. It is one of the populous city in the world in terms of population.
  • The geographical area of the country is divided into four provinces named Balochistan, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa, Punjab and Sindh.
  • The climate and geography is diverse across different regions of the country.
  • The major seasons consists of cool and dry winter, hot and dry spring and summer rainy seasons.
  • Rainfall varies year after year in the country.
  • The country is gifted with wide variety of flora and fauna.
  • There are about 157 protected areas for the protection and conservation of wildlife.
  • Central Karakoram is the largest national park in Pakistan.
  • Indus Valley civilization founded in Pakistan is considered as the most advanced in
  • Urdu is the national language of the country while English is used for official and commercial language.
  • Indus River is the main waterway of the country.
  • Pakistan is the largest producer of agricultural commodities.
  • Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Rawalpindi are one of the top tourist destination in Pakistan.


  • The total area of Pakistan consist of 803,940 square kilometres varying from forests, plateau, hills, plains and coastal area.
  • The land is divided into three parts based on the altitude of the location: Balochistan Plateau, Indus River Plain and northern islands.
  • The Indus River Plain is the largest fertile plain where agriculture is the major business carried in the region.
  • The northern islands consists one of the highest hills in the world.
  • Balochistan plateau consists series of low lying plateau divided by the hills.
  • The northern islands is famous for mountaineers and adventures as the region consists of mountain ranges.
  • The northern part of Pakistan receives more rainfall from south.
  • Most parts of Singh and Punjab are fertile land favourable for agriculture.

Flora and Fauna

  • The variable climate and landscape in the country has led to the diverse flora and fauna.
  • There are 668 different species of birds found in the country.
  • The areas in the Himalayan, Karakorum and Hindukush ranges are beautiful and rich in flora and fauna.
  • There are 1000 types of fishes found in the rivers and sea.
  • There are more than 225 species of plant present across the country.

Famous National Parks in Pakistan

Hingol National Park- It is considered to be the largest national park in the country covering an area of 1650 sq km. Major part of the park is similar to coastal semi desert. The main tourist attraction is the Hangol river and high mountain cliffs. There are more than 250 plant species found in the park.

Ayubia National Park- This Park is located in the Murree hills. The climate of the park is cool throughout the year. 104 different types of plants and 203 types of birds are found in the park. This national park is considered as favourite tourist spots supported by resorts and hotels for the people.

Deosai National Park- The plateaus of the national park are one of the highest in the world. During the spring season the region gets covered with wide variety of wild flowers which attracts different types of butterflies to the fauna. The plains are covered with snow most of the calendar year. There are about 124 resident as well as migrant birds residing in the park.

Famous Wild life sanctuary in Pakistan

Cholistan Wildlife sanctuary- Highest number of tourists are attracted towards the sanctuary because the area is known for having one of the rare species of animals in the country.

Rann of Kautch Wildlife Sanctuary- This sanctuary is considered to be having the richest ecosystem for animals living in this region covering an area of 7500 sq km. Water bird species are attracted towards marshy habitat in the sanctuary.

Sukkur and Guddu Barrage Dolphin Reserve- It is considered as the wetland protected site covering an area of 125,000 hectares. This reserve consists of largest number of endangered species of Indus Blind river dolphin.

Famous places of Pakistan


Lahore is the provincial capital of Punjab and the second largest city of the country. It’s a hub of cultural, artistic and intellectual heritage of the country. Lahore is considered as the land of sufi saints. The shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri brings tourists in the city. Some of the famous tourist attractions are Shish Mahal, Shalimar Garden, Lahore Museum and Lahore Zoo which is the second oldest zoo in the South Asia. Anarkali is the famous market known for traditional wares. Kasuri falooda, Karachi Burns amd mohair are some of the famous local dishes liked by the people.


Taxila is one of the archaeological site in the Rawalpindi. Taxila was considered as the learning capital of the world in olden times. Mesolithic caves and early settlements are the famous place of visit. Saraikala brings the evidence of Neolithic, Iron and Bronze Age.  There are number of Buddhist monasteries and stupas which shows the religious diversification in the region. The Jandial temple built in the region represents the old temples of Greece.

Karakoram Highway

The highway is considered to be highest international motorway in the world and known as the Friendship Highway of China. The highway runs between Western China to Pakistan. It is considered as the engineering marvel connecting two countries. This highway is considered as the third best adventure tourism destination.


The capital of the country is considered to be cosmopolitan city. It is a planned city as it is the political hub of the country. The city is filled with architectural and structural buildings making the city attractive for the tourists. The Rawal lake is considered as the picnic spot for the locals. Shakarparian Hills is one of the beautiful hill station and considered a symbol of friendship by planting a tree in the hills.


The largest city settlements with modern facilities in the Indus Valley civilization of South Asia. A well planned street grid followed by elaborate drainage system shows the skills of urban planners in those times. The city was built with baked brick structure. It is one of the most attractive destination for the tourists.



Railway is considered to be one of the important transportation medium connecting regions of the country. The major cities are connected by rail network. Railways are considered to be the economic and faster medium of transport for the people. The government is planning for monorail as well as metro-rail in the cities for better connectivity in the city.


Pakistan consists of 148 airports connecting 23 destinations in the country and 30 International destination in 27 countries. Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad are considered to the main hub of air traffic. It is the fastest but expensive mode of transport connecting the commercial cities of the country.


The highest accessible transportation medium used by the people of the country.  The National Highway and Motorway network of 9574 km carries 80 percent of traffic. Buses are used by the people to connect to the tourist destination and other places. Minibuses are introduced for more accessibility of various locations. Auto rickshaws are found in every cities of the country. Rickshaws are considered as the popular for travellers. Qing Qi is another mode of transport covering short distances in the city is becoming popular for fast and easy connectivity. Taxis are traditional medium of transport in roadways. Donkey cart, horse carriage and camel carts are used in rural places, deserts and hilly regions for transportation.

Current situation in tourism

  • According to the World Economic Forum’s Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index, Pakistan is ranked 122nd in the list of 140 countries.
  • The demand for the international tourist is very high in South East Asia.
  • The country is suffering from the sharp decline in the number of tourist.
  • Research finds that 0.5 million tourists arrive in the country which is lowest among the Asian countries.

Government efforts for the development of tourism

  • The government is building metros and mono rails for smooth transport in the metropolitan cities.
  • National Parks are preserved and protected.
  • Smooth roads are built for more connectivity.
  • The government is bringing the private companies for infrastructure projects.
  • Technology enhancement in the tourism.
  • Mini buses are introduced to build strong network of the public transport.
  • The government is building more establishment near Karakoram highway.
  • Separate provincial tourism boards are created to increase the focus of development. Seminars, development programs and tourism fairs are conducted throughout the year.
  • The government is joining hands with different countries for in promotions and publicity for attracting tourists in the country.
  • Cultural heritage programs for preservation of old monuments in the country.

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